Skelegen LLC is developing a novel, targeted osteoinductive agent for the enhancement of bone growth in spinal fusion, bone regeneration, and other orthopaedic procedures.  The product consists of an osteoconductive bone graft scaffold paired with Jagged1, an osteoinductive protein known to stimulate bone growth.  This combination provides the power of a biologic with a greatly enhanced safety profile when compared to competitive products.

Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP: INFUSE, Medtronic) is the only osteoinductive biologic on the market that is approved for spinal fusion and other orthopaedic applications.  Originally a wildly successful product reaching peak sales of ~$900 Million in 2011, off-label marketing and a number of severe safety concerns led to a sales slide to the current ~$470 Million in 2014.  This sizeable known void in a demonstrated market, along with the fact that surgeons still want to use an osteoinductive biologic therapy, both point to an excellent opportunity for a fusion and regeneration technology that grows bone with an enhanced safety profile.